Cinema Terrorisme is an audio sigil using cut up methods and collage in order to distill the horror of modern existential malaise into substantiate energy mass. There is no moral value expressed in Cinema Terrorisme. Everything you hear has been alchemically remapped into a new order of relational aesthetics. Downloads are available for your personal evolution.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cinema Terrorisme 36: If the Shoe Fits Mutilate Wishful Thinking for a Regurgitatve Paradigm

Samples included: kk null, michael ruppert, the bunny game, vixen, franco bonfanti, thor vs hercules, windows, the cat girl, female chauvinists, pound, pandrogeny manifesto, l ron hubbard, unspeakable, secret life of jeffery dammer, plant bach ofnus, on the doll, gaston borreani, history of man, shriek of the mutilated, oldboy, sexual adventures of every kind, videodrome,  apocalypse, end of the road, lsd the beyond within, the day the earth froze, mutant hunt, simon, fear and desire,  bird with the crystal plumage, smoke and flesh, them, em, baron blood, magdalena, fred bongusto, out of the blue, stalin 3, delinquent school girls
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Friday, October 4, 2013

Cinema Terrorisme 35: The Gaping Maw of a Nightmare Reality without Restraint: I do Not Like it Samiam

samples included: thundercrack,  david rosenboom, alejandro jodorowsky and daniel pinchbeck, crawlspace, blue gold world water wars, for richer for poorer,fantacide, the naked kiss, unwilling lovers, welcome to blood city, journey to the earth's core, urotsukidoji, taste of the savage, exorcism, asmus tietchens, windows, horror hospital, w. cleon skousen, le orme, fallen angel, lieutenant caramel,  a & e biography aileen wuornos, the shout, colin potter, the comedy, barbed wire dolls, psych out, frankensteins bloody nightmare, pleasure zone, david icke, rodi, colossus, gianni ferrio, eckenkar spiritual seminal experience, i never promised you a rose garden, ampnoise, soft places, lily greenham, a & e biography andrei chikatilo, image of the beast, jean jacques robert & jean michel guise, darkroom, j.b. banffi, cindy and donna, erotic adventures of lolita, in search of the man who wouldn't die, night of the demon

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