Cinema Terrorisme is an audio sigil using cut up methods and collage in order to distill the horror of modern existential malaise into substantiate energy mass. There is no moral value expressed in Cinema Terrorisme. Everything you hear has been alchemically remapped into a new order of relational aesthetics. Downloads are available for your personal evolution.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cinema Terrorisme 32: Pieface Delivery System for a Bleak and Enchanted Biota Nimblelike and Burden of False Paternity

samples included:

olivier messiaen, water power, night stalker, jim roche, mary k. baxter, the gorgon, i never promised you a rose garden, the venus project,  dream no evil, mark meckler, jean-pierre bouquet, whirlpool, black emmanuel 2,  return of count yorga, dangerous seductress, judgement, the mafu cage, paul la violette, mercenary,  ilsa she wolf of the ss, the secret, space disco one, lesbo, conet project, blood castle, the balcony, hydration, initiation, star wars weapons, a & e biography john wayne gacy, cindy and donna, between time and timbuktu, phil schneider, long island cannibal massacre, the naked face, screaming mimi, table manners for entitled and privileged children, osho ashram in poona, house of the dead, return of the living dead 3, sleepaway camp, the undertaker, let the cosmos ring, perfume of the lady in black, sweet house of horrors, roger davy