Cinema Terrorisme is an audio sigil using cut up methods and collage in order to distill the horror of modern existential malaise into substantiate energy mass. There is no moral value expressed in Cinema Terrorisme. Everything you hear has been alchemically remapped into a new order of relational aesthetics. Downloads are available for your personal evolution.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cinema Terrorisme 5 Squidskin Aphrodite Withdraws Advocacy Against the Fourth Imperium And Eats Herself Raw

Samples Included: aileen wuornos and tyria moore, vapaa, david icke, black gestapo, bronx executioner, the 911 chronicles, opera, marshall mcluhan, the killing of america, asmus tietchens, bloodfeast, silent night bloody night, john wayne gacy, possession, the shout, francis monkman, lancelot link, beast with a gun, sumeria, werner von braun documentary, bad timing, the party, the amazons, 4 flies on grey velvet, buckminster fuller, the hills have eyes,  good against evil, storytelling, silent night bloody night, judgement, the in laws, hugo montenegro, the ninth configuration, a thief in the night, 2 orphan vampires, alucarda, barack obama, warriors of the wasteland, scanners, quatermass, wheres poppa, deadbeat at dawn, mk ultra victim testimony, myra breckingridge, doris norton, death of a salesman, sadhguru, nancy reagan, flesh feast, phelps family documentary, pixie dixie y mr.jinks, jane philbrick, the trial, revelation, lady terminator, cat in the brain, martin rees, kaiser nietzsche, mystics in bali, dahmer, the ruling class, sadako ogata, yvo de boer, james wolfensohn, hans kueng, the bird with the crystal plumage, mcdonalds ad, monarch, stone killer, fingers,  stendahl syndrome, idi amin, dangerous seductress, witnesses of jehova, no end in sight, tears of kali, bill moyers journal, the quantum apocalypse of the holographic universe, Ted Turner, Tavis Smiley and Jeffrey Sachs, the brood, tenebrae, brume, ohio impromptu, killer nun, beast with a gun, taste the blood of dracula, exorcism, the stunt man, methusalem, lifespan, let me count the lays, a & e biography - the manson women, the devils, rupert murdoch, g edward griffin, flesh and the fiends, the damned, inferno, ottis toole, glen beck, clonus, the new dave pike set, the party, quick draw mcgraw, mansion of madness, inland empire, hardware, hellhouse, hide and seek, little french maid, former CIA spy speaks out, igor savin, gg allin, the prodigal planet.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cinema Terrorisme 4 Fly By Night Military Contractors Luncheon Buffet In the Fourth Ring of Hell

Originally aired : 11/14/09. Samples Include: shirley phelps, journey toward creation, tears of kali, conet project, john holmes, alucarda, dave jones,  down and dirty, dust devil,  warriors of the wasteland, noam chomsky, betty hill, august underground, g edward griffin, david borden, a distant thunder, cemetary man, the devils, colossus, killer nun, woodoo, the shout. lt caramel, night gallery, the delta merchants, men behind the sun, the mechanic, lipstick, chuck norris, the unavoidable identity of the antichrist, venus in furs, stephen petranek, john cameron, lady terminator, robosapiens, 2 orphan vampires, claude larson, the hills have eyes, storytelling, lemora, something weird, sasha grey, nostradamus 2012 prophecy, asmus tietchens, combat shock, hide and seek, ray kurzweil, karl jenkins, death of a salesman, the trial, hardware, judy dunaway, annunaki reptiles, jean schwarz, inland empire, hell house, flesh and the fiends, the baby preacher, the stone killer, captain herlock, god told me to, intervention, the alchemist, dinosaurs with horns, david icke, exorcism, black gestapo, being there, assassin, ben reynolds, idi amin,  a thief in the night,  cemetary man, most evil cult leaders, palindromes, bronx executioner, silent night bloody night, brume, the mist,          chinese hercules, war for profit, i spit on your grave, gilbert artman, tony robbins, seizure, possession, no end in sight, apocalypse, giamparo boneschi, king of comedy, kaiser nietzsche, alucarda, let me count the lays, lifespan, mystics in bali, quatermass, swedish exorcism, avant dernieres pensees, image of the beast, hide and seek, a crude awakening, dangerous seductress, the conformist, harun yahya, joe

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cinema Terrorisme 3 Smurfs Bleed Blue Blobs on the Corpse of Astaroth

Originally aired: 10/17/09
Samples included: Weasels Rip My Flesh, Intervention, Harun Yahya, Judgement, The Hills Have Eyes, Men Behind the Sun, Lemora, Raiders of Atlantis, Quatermass, Randy Greif, Witnesses of Jehovah, Lifespan, Chris Gunning, Storytelling, Video Dating Montage, some 2012 documentary, A Thief in the Night, Ganja and Hess, Remko Scha, The Night Gallery, The Mist, McDonald's, Where's Poppa, Francis E, some Rapture movie, Gordon Giltrap, Mansion of Madness, Alan Hawkshaw, Hell House, Fingers, Hands of Steel, Cannibal Girls, Evilspeak, Geraldo, The Rockets, Throat, Sapphire and Steel, Monchichi, I Spit on Your Grave, The Rise of a Roman Empress, Rune Lindblad, Eckhart Tolle, Fade to Black, The Net, Puppetmaster 4,  The Devil in Miss Jones 2, The Damned, Combat Shock, Silent Night Bloody Night, Claude Larson, Possession, Buckminster Fuller and Werner Erhard, Tears of Kali, Seizure, Revelation, Venus in Furs, Little Murders, The Trial, Revus on Worms, Tay Zonday, Critters 3, Long Island Cannibal Massacre, Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly, Most Evil Cult Leaders, Clonus, Assassin, The Shout, Beyond the Darkness, The Devils, Cafe Flesh 2, Autopoieses, Barbed Wire Dolls, The Brain that Wouldnt Die, My Little Pony, Night on the Wild Side, Killer Nun, Joe, A R Luciani, William McDonough, Something Weird, Superstition, Robosapiens, Satans Blood, Shirley Phelps, A Distant Thunder, Cemetary Man, Children of God, Greatest Freak Out Ever.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cinema Terrorisme 2 Audio Catsup Ejaculation

Originally aired 9/19/09

samples featured:
Sarah Palin, The Beast Within, Edmond, Neuronium, Ninja Geheimer Mission, Stoya, The Stunt Man, John Cameron, Warriors of the Wasteland, John Fiddy, K Salmon, Saveur Millia, The Naked Kiss, Anthony King, Little Murders, Tony Robbins, McDonald's, The Night Gallery, Judgement, Night on the Wild Side, The King of Comedy, Sapphire and Steel, Monchichi, Larry Oliver, Lipstick, The O'Reilly Factor, The Crazy People, Ronald Reagan, Charles Boustany, The Sicilian Connection, Satans Blood, Satans Sadists, Where's Poppa, Tears of Kali, Klaus Kinski as Jesus, Hands of Steel, God Told me To, Boss Nigger, Evilspeak, August Underground, Devil in Miss Jones 2, Daniel Dennett, The Trees Community, The Free Design, Barack Obama, Glenn Beck, Robosapiens, Mike Kelly with Sonic Youth, Seizure, The Secret Life of Jefferey Dahmer, Sasha Grey, The Trial, The Brain That Wouldn't Die, The In Laws, Joe, John Ashberry, Deadbeat at Dawn, The Damned, Barbed Wire Dolls, Cafe Flesh 2, Bronx Executioner, Brother Theodore, Combat Shock, Silent Night Bloody Night, Rockula, Pan Sonic, Hans Otte, A Distant Thunder, The Conformist, The Devils, 9 Deaths of the Ninja, The Last Cannibal World, Iancu Dumitrescu, Men Behind the Sun, Wicked Wicked, Sugar Hill, Frankensteins Castle of Freaks, One Down Two to Go, Rune Lindblad, Chuck Norris, Long Island Cannibal Massacre, Hide and Seek

Cinema Terrorisme 1 : Rise of the Stuffaluffagus

Originally aired 8/15/09
samples include:
Cassiber, God Told Me To, The Mansion of Madness, Ray Kurzweil, Being There, Keith Mansfield, McDonald's ads, Blacula, The Brain that Wouldn't Die, Brother Theodor, George Noori, The Devils, The Net, Protein Synthesis, Ronald Reagan, Planes, R Stevie Moore, Zoogz Rift, Hannity and Colmes, Pat O'Reilly, Thor, Edmond, The Conformist, The Damned, Apocalypse, The Birds, The Black Gestapo, LaMonte Young, The final Comedown, Asmus Tietchens, EAR, Ganja and Hess, The Hafler Trio, Fantasy, Hybryds, Timmie Rodgers, Harun Yahya, HellHouse, A Real Live Vampire, The Ruling Class, Sapphire and Steel, Dome, Free to Be you And Me, If Mirrors Could Speak, Image of the Beast, The King of Comedy, Intervention, Anton La Vey, Ocora Recordings, Azimuth, Alucarda, Planetarium, Revelation