Cinema Terrorisme is an audio sigil using cut up methods and collage in order to distill the horror of modern existential malaise into substantiate energy mass. There is no moral value expressed in Cinema Terrorisme. Everything you hear has been alchemically remapped into a new order of relational aesthetics. Downloads are available for your personal evolution.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

CinemaTerrorisme 22 Bleeding the Corpse of Liberal Democracy in a Positive Feedback Loop Stagnating in a Moral Quandry of Thousand Year Payoffs

Originally aired: 10/22/10 Samples included: cptnmidnite, russell peck, bloodbath, liquid sky, specters, neon nights, eaten alive, abducted, good morning america, slaughter hotel, chosen survivors, francois rabbath, bill mckibben, alesha look but don't touch, morloops, clonemaster,  beast with a gun, jorge reyes, carnival of blood, ark, eyvind kang, end of the world, johan rockstrom, david westling, tag der idioten, the morning after, supersonic man, magdalena, darktown strutters, the other side of julie, the video dead, criswell, bye bye monkey, amazing atheist, nocturnal emissions, angel dusted, rampage, wham bam thank you spaceman, zpg, witnesses of jehovah, occupy wall street documentary, mum & dad, space sounds, wrong way,  diabolical dr. z, europa, in satan, the great american snuff film, urotsukidoji, revenge, bizarre, korean kayagum, the power of nightmares, breaking point, rhinoceros, groovie ghoulies, janie, hard sensation, god told me to, aphrodesiac, double exposure of holly, de fabriek, no blade of grass, shivers, up, jimmy swaggart, dark side of the moon, sakonda nobuyasu, maraschino cherry, cannibal man, bases, brother theodor, alone in the dark,  the people, ron paul, seven deaths in a cat's eye, malcolm x, warren mintz, john oswald, conquest of the planet of the apes, the illuminati project, the stendahl syndrome, a & e biography-aileen wuornos, lemora, ronald mcdonald visits america, blind target, diseno corbusier, private parts, goblin, a touch of genie, the power, james lovelock, anonymous.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

CinemaTerrorisme 21 when we say we see all creation an open wound forms a phalanx comprised of fishmongers bleeding electricity

Originally aired 9/10/11 samples included:
microscopic liquid subway to oblivion, etant donnes, prostituzione, tomorrowland, shmuzorft, devil times five, esoterica landscapes, carl sagan,, ayn rand, e.g. oblique graph, cherry harry and raquel, terry funk, conrad schnitzler, a thief in the night, the origin of aids, satans blood, killer nun, singapore sling, music of iraq, the red queen kills seven times, bases 5, autopsy, the mighty thor, the man in the glass booth, carnival of blood, beneath the valley of the ultra vixens, izumi kai, for richer for poorer, what?, seamus, holographic universe, candy, black devil doll from hell, crawlspace, wolf lake, the morning after, donald erb, the diabolical dr.z, the year without santa, video violence, wild things, eaten alive, noam chomsky, george garside, welcome to blood city, pat robertson, black christmas, greetings, nuba ramal al-maya, trauma, i never promised you a rose garden, hardcore, dilruba, the ninth configuration, lyndon larouche, vista valley pta, the social media guru, midnight offerings, poke runyon, kfc training tapes, shivers, m.rendell, freedom wand ad, when all hell breaks loose

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cinema Terrorisme 20What You Don't Blow You Bereave Bastard Domelike Absorptive Organ of the Mistletoe

Originally aired 7/23/11
monarch chapter 48 project pandora, barbed wire dolls, amadeo roldan, the church, return of the living dead 3, who killed teddy bear, ayn rand, mercenary, devil times five, peter michael hamel, dr bizarro, bug, james baldwin, cemetary man, murder in a blue world, scream of the wolf, clone master, black christmas, psychopath, seven deaths in a cats eye, let me count the lays, trauma based mind control, europa, zaat, phase 4, changed lives, fright, dennis smalley, a reflection of fear, trauma, four flies on grey velvet, wolf lake, love camp, fingers, illuminati project, louise huebner, evil sister, boy god, video violence, amok, blind target, welcome to blood city, in search of life before birth, devils nightmare, the way to become the sensuous woman, tears of kali, gregg oliver and lois cooper, the gladiators, william cooper, jerry goldsmith, madhouse, i spit on your grave, ilsa the wicked warden, popcorn, treasure of the sharks, ghedalia tazartes, the balcony, savage sisters, dead of night, cattle mutilations, merzbow, new wave hookers, the love merchant, the story of linda, midnight, what?, a wi guide to brothels, young playthings, glorshon wars, daughters of darkness, bloodbath, human centipede, corporate assets, game of enlightenment, nathalie, klaus wiese, abby, daughter of the mind, bad dreams, the killing of america

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cinema Terrorisme 19 mandatory suicidatorial audiodrome in the wake of flux anomaly so you dont have to worry about onerous self assembly

Originally aired 5/15/11 Samples included: evilspawn, i never promised you a rose garden, video violence, commando bruno & avant dernieres pensees, the ten ways to control your mind, taboo, william cooper,  honeysuckle rose, gormet dogs, jennifer, trauma based mind control, denier du culte, daughter of the mind, boy god, black devil doll from hell, amazing atheist, party monster, anton lavey, pimmon, thundercrack, blood of fu manchu, august underground, murder in a blue world, smashup on interstate 5, de fabriek, midnight offerings, eaten alive, how the e-memory revolution will change everything, summer camp girls, lizard in a womans skin, insecticide, the brood,  bizarre, louise huebner, the year without a santa, women in cellblock 9, the tower, hilton sutton,  ghedalia tazartes, bloodbath, venus in furs, career bed, intimate lessons, t lobsang rampa, witnesses of jehovah, horror at 37000 feet, black moon, marshall mcluhan and dick cavett, young playthings, blue collar, stefan wolpe, up, the morning after, warriors of the wasteland,  kfc training tape, ojas, a & e biography jeffery dahmer, laboratory of the devil, image of the beast, angel dusted, 911 bulletins, the spook who sat by the door, edgar varese, the war game, what?, sri chinmoy,  animal passions 2, i like to watch, origins, the stendahl syndrome, the taming of rebecca, nation of yahweh, perfume of the lady in black, a distant thunder, doug casey, carnival of blood, beast with a gun, global conspiracy-the alien and new world order agenda, the shout, supervixen, whore, james mason

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Originally aired: 4/9/11 Samples Included: the lickerish quartet, virginia, burundi: musique traditionelles, dr. james dobson, gums, l. subramaniam, cherry harry and raquel, blood of fu manchu, v.nagarajan, the devils, boy god, avoiding armaggedon, abby, black christmas, space sounds, sex freaks, sybil, apocalypse, devil times five, the chosen survivors, aquarian music, journey toward creation, no blade of grass, the devils plaything, street trash, the tower, tears of kali, ilsa the wicked warden, satya pawar dev, mad foxes, peoples temple choir, welcome to blood city, cathys curse,  avant dernieres pensees, bat pussy, maraschino cherry, alva noto & opiate, angels are so few, jeff rubin, sleepwalkers, the hearse, dracula prince of darkness, a&g interview a survivalist, your vice is a locked room, superman, up, let the cosmos ring, emmanuelle in america, evil sister, maniac cop, moondog, jeremy rifkin, atlantis inferno, abducted, david moss, geraldo, laure, david icke, am i normal, frankensteins bloody nightmare, night gallery, zpg, luigi nono, force of darkness, t lobsang rampa, charles dodge, dangerous seductress, tod dockstader, a & e biography david berkowitz, zanagoria, kiss of her flesh, inland empire, fear anxiety depression, fox news, dave jones, dear dead delilah, phenomena, laboratory of the devil, dead of night, beyond the valley of the dolls, sleepaway camp, werner herzog, the plumber, doris hays, the morning after, bizarre, sweet house of horrors, possession, the stone killer, roedelius, sadhguru, clonus, brave new world,  killer nun, the sinful dwarf, a girls guide to 21 century sex, dark side of the moon

Saturday, February 5, 2011

CinemaTerrorisme 17 The Absolute Completion of Every Human Effort Vanquished By The Singular Disgorgement of Some Bearded Cultural Platitude

originally aired: 2/5/11 samples included:
the erotic adventures of candy, behind the scenes of a porn set, bill joy, amadeo roldan, cathys curse, atlantis inferno, jhonn balance, kevin nash and eric young brawl, toshi ichyanagi, liquid sky, goodbye uncle tom, marshall applewhite, mum & dad, julia, jim jones, peter michael hamel, the king of comedy, mad dog morgan, dream no evil, night train murders,  the toy box, something creeping in the dark, g.edward griffin,  willard cantelon, a scanner darkly, toru takemitsu,  career bed, 7 seductions, emanuelle in america, timothy wyllie, worldwide church of god, let me die a woman, fright, dead at night, womens prison massacre, john coleman, lost highway, ojas, death of a salesman, frederick lenz, baba yaga, blue collar, aswang, the ghost,  terrence mckenna, tibetan sacred music,  son of sam son of hope, the spook who sat by the door, john young, lemora, a distant thunder, this is america 3, bad timing, surviving 2012 and planet x,  private parts, cannibal holocaust, aphrodisiac the sexual secret of marijuana, lyndon larouche, taboo, the jail a woman's hell, blood of fu manchu, dave jones, beneath the valley of the ultra vixens, hard sensations, eugenie de sade, a & e biography-the manson women, bizarre, rampage, private fantasies of marilyn chambers

Sunday, January 2, 2011

cinemaTerrorisme16: Doctor Downtrip Leaves the Biochambre of Ecological Sorrow for the Diabolical Onusphere after the Ultimate Failure of the Grande Human Experiment

Originally aired: 1/1/11 Samples Included:
a&e biography  john wayne gacy, mel powell, seizure, christian citizens, untamed, william albright, the incredible hulk, brave new world, am i normal?, kumala budaya, symphony for a sinner, nexus, cannibal man, frankenhooker, the party, little french maid, career bed, sarah palin, the red queen kills seven times, space 1999, the ghost, venus in furs, mystics in bali, james mason, tom massey, burning conscience-israeli soldiers speak out, iannis xenakis, eugenie desade, colin potter, bad dreams, 2 orphan vampires, the paperwork explosion, howard bloom, europa, kate and the indians, jimmy nelson's instant ventriloquism, messalina messalina, the price is right, madhouse, judgement, night child, the mechanic, salvatore sciarrino, criminally insane, attack of the giant women, mad dog morgan, intimate lessons, beyond the valley of the dolls, crystal force 2, dark side of the moon, cherry harry and raquel, the big racket, brides of dracula, pandit raghunath seth, satan's children, tama walo, the church, inland empire, pandrogeny manifesto, ilsa the wicked warden, perfume of the lady in black, street trash, erik satie, barbara broadcast, return of the living dead 3, vista valley pta, assasin, journey toward creation, the chosen survivors, john cage, forced entry, dangerous seductress, american made, maraschino cherry, private parts, the war game, tennessee tuxedo, the sinful dwarf, taboo 4, jacque fresco, happiness, double exposure of holly, avoiding armageddon