Cinema Terrorisme is an audio sigil using cut up methods and collage in order to distill the horror of modern existential malaise into substantiate energy mass. There is no moral value expressed in Cinema Terrorisme. Everything you hear has been alchemically remapped into a new order of relational aesthetics. Downloads are available for your personal evolution.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Cinema Terrorisme 15 when there's no more room in hell the dead will moonwalk on your grave

Originally aired 10/31/10 Samples included: video dating montage, i zombie, lejaren hiller, night gallery, taming of rebecca, richard bunger, bp spill-volcanic tsunami and poison gas alert, barbed wire dolls, the invisible man, the ghost, jere hutcheson, a &e biography david berkowitz, the bird with the crystal plumage, seven seductions, george garside, laboratory of the devil, the killing of america, gods angry man, dahl lesemann kraft, christopher lee reads dracula, kill baby kill, the conet project, mountain of the cannibal god, anton lavey, tea party healthcare reform protest, jim carrey spiritual awakening, matthew adkins, criminally insane, changed lives, the stendahl syndrome,  titicut follies, terrorgram, sarah palin, derrick jensen, claus van bebber, conquest, mystics in bali, rape, the gorgon,  karlheinz stockhausen, harun yahya, force of darkness, mondo topless, vinyl, spasmo, the ninth configuration, warren mintz, hunting lodge, univac then and now, dont be afraid of the dark, the manitou, christine o'donnell, teenage twins, necrophonie, virginia, diabolical dr. z,  waiting for godot, poke runyon, tag der idioten, harlassen, brave new world, twins of evil, forced entry, pieces, lyndon larouche, bloodbath,  the cry,  johann hagelin, sleepaway camp, criswell, the church, robert dow, devils sword, brides of dracula, dr t lobsang rampa, bizarre, taboo 4, vista valley pta,  joyce meyer, downstairs upstairs, cherry harry and raquel, battle for the planet of the apes, timothy wyllie, hans werner henze, night child, sl-1 the accident phases 1 & 2, women in cellblock 9, gail laughton, barbara broadcast, fright, tenebrae, a & e biography albert fish, antti saario, criminally insane, william buckley interviews huey newton, return of the living dead 3, neil hamberger, sapphire and steel, dead of night,  jerry springer

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cinema Terrorisme14: The Copraphagial BroodBall Rally Spaced Infinitely Throughout the Globalized Sprawl of Generative Entropy, Motherfuckers!

originally aired: 9/25/10
samples included
glenn beck, punishment park, lt. caramel, beyond the valley of the dolls, a girls guide to 21 century sex, the brood, blood bath, dr, james dobson, taboo, le bootlegoue parisien, lost cannibal world, attack of the giant women, abdallah chahine, willard cantelon, criminally insane, glorshon wars, syngenor, gg allin, lizard in a womans dress, colossus, laure, scattered clouds, if mirrors could speak, career bed, the perfume of the lady in black,  cannibal ferox, cafe flesh 2, sarah palin, the manson family, sybil, mel and oksana, didaktische einheit, petey greene, jon snow, liquid sky, michelle bachmann, george carlin, greetings, out of the blue, sapphire and steel, the incredible hulk, eugenie de sade, the business of strangers,  phenomenon, tom cruise, vito acconci, pixie and dixie, fear anxiety and depression,  do you believe in magick, they live, john ashberry, janek schaefer, the exterminator, arnold schwarzenegger, joyce meyer, sl-1 tge accident phases 1 & 2, exitos, crystal force 2, jerry springer, titicut follies, the new york harp ensemble, captain harlock, ted bundy, exquisite corpses from ps 122, demon soul, candy,  bill oreilly and ann coulter, c- shulz, the love merchant, beneath the valley of the ultra vixens, criminally insane, walter cronkite, cathys curse, jerry goldsmith, the ghost, tony hayward, jennifer, the devils due, charles dodge, the way to become the sensuous woman, bad dreams, untamed, mum & dad, steve reich, tag der idioten, womens prison massacre, possession, sweet house of horrors, the war game, vinyl, morton subotnick, boyd rice,  pieces, the erotic adventures of lolita, david lynch

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cinema Terrorisme 13:Panopticalyptic Phospherence of Carbocyclic Boson Symmetries Expanding Sphincter upon ChristCock Insertion

Originally aired 7/31/10. Samples included: mel gibson, street trash, bernard szajner, long island cannibal massacre, blood feast, jerry springer show, lancelot link, clonus, ottis toole, beyond the valley of the dolls, hulk vs. thor, do you believe in magick, confessions of a psycho cat, intimate lessons, ragnar grippe, ray kurzweil, return of the living dead 3, the lost empire, downstairs upstairs, little murders, fiona on fire, deepak chopra, exorcist 3, something weird, vito acconci, sapphire and steel, common law cabin, the devils due, gods angry man, pan sonic, i spit on your grave, anton lavey, vinyl, the gladiators, men behind the sun, doris hays, eugenie de sade, baron blood, salinas valley state prison gang war, the brood, resurrection, maury povich, star wars weapons, aleister crowley without walls, lady terminator, t lobsang rampa, picking up girls made easy, peoples temple mass suicide, evilution, poke runyon, force of darkness, jacques lejeune, the business of strangers,  a girls guide to 21 century sex, origins of life in extreme environments, tomorrowland,  v the hot one, rampage, 911 newscast, beast with a gun, 7 from life, killer nun, a crude awakening, night train murders, rocky and bullwinkle, sleepaway camp, thom hartmann, sadhguru,  puppetmaster 5, trouble man, beyond the darkness, a force of one, victoria osteen, shamus, the killing of america, satans children, charles dodge, no blade of grass, captain herlock,  dr bizarro, the conet project, glorshon wars, the manson family, shivers,  karlheinz stockhausen, crystal force 2, baba yaga, perfume of the lady in black, suspiria, this is america 2, let me count the lays, james baldwin, ram dass, giovanni fontana, abducted, i zombie, wham bam thank you spaceman, evil sister, the beast, urotsukidoji, microscopic liquid subway to oblivion, neil hamburger, viol, stendahl syndrome, the venus project, womens prison massacre, assassin, quatermass,  sheik channa moulana, pieces, leonard nimoy's in search of esp, devils nightmare, dust devil, greetings, neon nights, teenage twins, patriot alert

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cinema Terrorisme 12 Infanticide Junior Makes it to the Big Leagues and Jumps Turnstiles on the Eschatological Trolley

originally aired : 7/3/10
samples included:barack obama, gyeorgy ligeti, mike warnke, eugenie de sade, cemetary man, rune lindblad, jim jones jr., mr know it all, james lovelock, fiona on fire,  demon soul, body stealers, the devils due, embryo, in search of ufo australia, a & e biography - the manson women, rhinosceros, happiness, serial killers - the real life hannibal lecters, taboo 4, sleepaway camp, if mirrors could speak, herbert bruen, devil in ms jones 2,  virginia,  satans children, trauma, no blade of grass, lifespan, teenage twins, wham bam thank you spaceman, the manson family, thom hartmann, the true story of the philidelphia experiment, george garside, the friends of eddie coyle, the final comedown, new wave hookers, videodrome, hear no evil, gums,  jim helms, julia, hide and seek, richard kuklinski, a scanner darkly, the ghost, messalina messalina,  idi amin, lightwave, suspiria, twins of evil,  bad dreams, aleister crowley without walls, the man made global warming hoax, what is real love a sufi perspective, terrence mckenna, tom dissevelt, beyond the valley of the dolls, seven seductions, night child, aiz, barbed wire dolls, diabolical dr. z, pieces, rocky and bullwinkle, sapphire and steel, a & e biography moses sithole, laboratory of the devil, sweet house of horrors, ross jeffries teaches power of choice, ayn rand, dave jones, bronx executioner, kate and the indians, dr caligari,  out of the blue, evilution, mk ultra victim testimony, the ruling class, tag der idioten, supervixen, goodbye uncle tom, little french maid, revelation, the cry, sleepaway camp, witnesses of jehovah, god told me to, myra breckinridge, phenomena, if footmen tire you what will horses do, satan's blood, skull and bones history, v the hot one,  mystics in bali, captain herlock, cannibal girls, avoiding armaggedon, abducted, scared straight, lemora, sybil, lethe, a & e biography aileen wuornos

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cinema Terrorisme 11 Inktitty Blossoms Form the Elegy for a Five Seconds to Midnight Martyr

Originally aired 5/29/10 Samples included : julia child, night gallery, taboo, ulla kantajavuori, venus in furs, gg allin, minamo,  cannibal holocaust, diabolical dr. z, possession, laboratory of the devil, truddi chase, leave it to beaver parody,beast with a gun, aleister crowley without walls, dave jones, jessica's daily affirmation, dust devil, phenomenon, peryt shou, abby, corporate assets, silent night bloody night, party monster, rollerball, david icke, syngenor,  existenz, the chosen survivors, george crumb, david pritchard, the balcony, derrick jensen, hans-joachim roedelius, sapphire and steel, the ninth configuration, the gorgon, taboo 4, whore, little murders, the incredible hulk, desire, long island cannibal massacre, new wave hookers, the ghost, zen master pohwa, the qatermass xperiment,  addicted to porn, zanagoria, demon soul,  the lost empire, is barack obama the antichrist?,  dr bizarro, the church, bill mckibben,  pierre laurency, cannibal girls, ayn rand,  a wi guide to brothels, neil hamburger, rocky and bullwinkle, laughing dead, the gladiators, star wars weapons, satan's children,  bird songs of dooryard field and forest, zaat, robosapiens, lifespan, if footmen tire you what will horses do, william k black, nuclear nationalism, simon, punishment park, pansonic, richard blackwell, kill baby kill, don rickles and johnny carson, exorcist 3, i zombie, fingers, changed lives, devil in ms jones 2,  confessions of a psycho cat, the mechanic, moondog, cathys curse, valley of despair, force of darkness, conquest of the planet of the apes, the story of linda, lily greenham,  pieces, david moss,  gums,  flavia the heretic, the killing of america, intervention

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cinema Terrorisme 10 I Sing the Body Infectious Train Your DNA to Rollover and Play Dead

originally aired: 4/ 24/10
samples included:
bill moyers, fox news, a crude awakening, henry cowell, the ninth configuration, mk ultra victim testimony, eugenie de sade, gary bradbury, richard kuklinski, rollerball, franco micalizzi, i zombie, embryo, the spirit of antichrist, black moon, serge ramses, barbed wire dolls, crystal force 2, resurrection, les brown, bloodbath, avoiding armaggedon, oldboy, they live,  urotsukidoji, the story of linda, mad dog morgan, exorcist 3, this is america, bad dreams, lifespan, joyce meyer, down and dirty, aswang, scarface school play, inland empire,  tomorrowland, zaat, taboo 3, whore, conquest, breeders, oomri alayki, up,  the manitou, the laughing dead, videodrome,  a WI guide to brothels, the perfume of the lady in black, gums, force of darkness, neon nights, 7 deaths in a cats eye, a girls guide to 21 century sex, krapps last tape, image of the beast, evilution,  m. laduskow, diabolical dr. z,  the butcher of rostov,  god told me to,  conet project, the body stealers, alien dead, bad dreams, dont be afraid of the dark, the venus project, oprah's religion, rocky and bullwinkle,  the psychology of success, sweet house of horrors, pieces, cafe flesh 2,  america exposed,  the devils sword, the oreilly factor,  venus in furs, evil sister, ayn rand, rhinosceros, kaiser nietzsche, lenora, embryo, a crude awakening, no blade of grass, satans children, patriot alert, ram dass,  the ten ways to control your mind, coil, hardware, night child, lady terminator, dead of night, qatermass experiment, messalina messalina, brides of dracula, lost empire, demonsoul, bad timing, frankensteins bloody nightmare, teenage twins, postgenderism the genetic singularity, the loved one, john hagelin,  cathys curse,  tenebrae, virginia, witnesses of jehovah,  the god theory, phelps, jon snow

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cinema Terrorisme 9 Your Children's Children Infested and a Living Mockery of a Scientific Miracle

Samples Included: the erotic adventures of candy, cannibal holocaust, ken wilber, apocalypse, heil honey i'm home, existenz, forced entry, neo nazi satanism, surviving 2012 and planet x, clonus, party monster, witnesses of jehovah, up, cybotron, a conversation between two dudes, deepak chopra, housewife, changed lives, lemora, phenomenon, coyote, rocky and bullwinkle, the conformist, frankensteins bloody nightmare, arthur c clarke reads 2001, journey toward creation, exquisite corpse, flavia the heretic, amirah hall, the peace, incredible hulk, guido and maurizio de angelis, inland empire, trauma, hands of steel, piero umiliani, laboratory of the devil, the party, colossus, paula ennis dwyer, the killing of america, cannibal ferox, arda mandikian, wrong way, storytelling, elizabeth hinkle-turner, pat robertson, tony robbins, the peppers, barbed wire dolls, the 911 chronicles, possession, genesis breyer p orridge, taboo 3, twins of evil, house on skull mountain, a girls guide to 21 century sex, lejaren hiler, devils nightmare, percussions of cherbourg, vixen, george garside, rhinoceros, oldboy, the loved one, wheel of fortune, story of linda, a & e biography - andrei chikatilo, the beast, gary bradbury, evil sister, jerry springer show, the hills have eyes, mike huckabee and chuck norris, devils sword, baba yaga, mail music, demonsoul, songs of the humpback whale, the balcony, embryo, abby, maniac cop, kulkija, resurrection, sweet house of horrors, tim leary, serial killers-the real life hannibal lechter, relax with nature vol 9 monastery garden, danika, palindromes, little french maid, conquest, last cannibal world, blood feast, robosapiens, the conet project, eckhard tolle, baron blood, area 51 revealed, let me count the lays, the diabolical dr. z, brume, beast with a gun, aswang, avoiding armageddon, mutant, joe, lesiman, prodigal planet, long island cannibal massacre, conquest of the planet of the apes, david icke, david fulton, black moon, the peoples temple, this is america, ted bundy

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cinema Terrorisme 8 National Socialist Underground Dwellers Sparkle PlugIn SumpPump SexToyz for fun and Prophet

Originally aired : 3/6/10 Samples included: joel osteen, brides of dracula, jerry goldsmith, breeders, idi amin, the price is right, children of one, intervention, robosapiens, baron blood, captain herlock, emil richards, the gorgon, the birds, desire, a thief in the night, central banking conspiracy-war for profit, francois de roubaix, little murders, colossus, pat robertson, silent night bloody night, wild gals of the naked west, david borden, bronx executioner, sadhguru, prodigal planet, exorcist 3, mad dog morgan, weasels ripped my flesh, ram dass interviews thicht nhat hanh, let me count the lays, cat in the brain, baba yaga, quatermass, winnebago man, rhinoceros, fred bongusto, the church, brother theodore, myra breckingridge, palindromes, the mechanic, sapphire and steel, bruno nicolai, chiller, the stendahl syndrome, anton la vey, perfume of the lady in black, fingers, where's poppa, taboo 3, wrong way, a & e biography - david berkowitz, terence mckenna, simon napier, new wave hookers, the business of strangers, simon, eugenie de sade, susan atkins, the tell tale heart, arcane device, ronald reagan, death of a salesman, daughters of darkness, shivers, terror, storytelling, rod parsley, mail music, killer nun, inferno, flavia the heretic, cathys curse, george w bush, 7 seductions, salinas valley state prison gang war, rockaby, yan tregger, edmond, hardware, the bird with the crystal plumage, devils nightmare, maury povich, a scanner darkly, the delta merchants, kamar gul zakhail, angel town, rupert murdoch, ninth configuration, danika, ottis toole, john hagelin, the gorgon

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cinema Terrorisme 7 The Delicate Mesh of Human Frailty Atrophied and Seeking Refuge

Originally aired : 2/13/10 samples included: max blumenthal interviews david irving, is barack obama the antichrist?, syngenor, michio kaku, cannibal ferox, frankensteins bloody nightmare, chiller, down and dirty, the loved one, the evil that men do, taboo 4, lily greenham, little french maid, gg allin, laboratory of the devil, let me count the lays, silent night bloody night, the in laws, chuck norris on CBN, george crumb, combat shock, assassin, david krachow, devil's sword, the ruling class, lifespan, richard dawkins, opera, a & e biography - richard speck, a. popp, seizure, barbed wire dolls, trick baby, dust devil, sapphire and steel, glenn beck, the damned, cannibal holocaust, judgement, bruno nicolai, flavia the heretic, jacques lejeune, the man made global warming hoax, blood feast, they live, baron blood, dahmer, suspiria, two orphan vampires, joyce meyer, john wayne gacy, catastrophe, james saunders, resurrection, scanners, the ninth configuration, scott lively, beast with a gun, no to co, past present & future of mankind, arvo part, possession, five million years to earth, videodrome, august underground, final comedown, Bixio - Frizzi - Tempera, dangerous seductress, harun yahya, exorcism, brides of dracula, jerry goldsmith, the unknown trilogy, apocalypse, the maury show, baron blood, the evil that men do, karlheinz stockhausen, cathy's curse, alan grayson, rollerball, jean pierre decerf, the ruling class, night gallery, no end in sight, daughters of darkness, ben reynolds, mum and dad, a crude awakening, happiness, cat in the brain, james lovelock, twins of evil, burning conscience, the church, don rickles, alec empire,the bird with the crystal plumage, the mist, debbie for president, breeders

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cinema Terrorisme 6 A Dehumanized Sleepchamber of Infantile Solipsism and Other Such Nonsense

Originally aired 1/16/10
samples include: jim roche, the net, possession, bronx executioner, the 911 chronicles, claus van bebber, ganja and hess, cemetary man, francois de roubaix, the psychology of success, the mighty thor, takeo watanabe, cannibal girls, the holographic universe, the brain that would'nt die, brume, no blade of grass, ray kurzweil, they live, lady terminator, daughters of darkness, the bird with the crystal plumage, abc news special mission mind control, inferno, the man made global warming hoax, a & e biography -albert fish, little murders, lancelot link, conquest, piero umiliani, endgame, dust devil, embryo, bill moyers, the quatermass xperiment, alberto baldan bembo, buckminster fuller, the brood, death of a salesman, derrick jensen, hans joachim roedelius, the ruling class, dahmer, phil schneider, electric coconut, cannibal holocaust, beast with a gun, the church, the unknown trilogy, the birds, revelation, a & e biography-david berkowitz, debbie for president, jeffery sachs, storytelling, postgenderism-the genetic singularity, warriors of the wasteland, james lovelocke, don peake, sapphire and steel, hells chosen few, the incredible hulk, richard dawkins, taboo 4, tears of kali, kung fu, i spit on your grave, mk ultra victim testimony, ghedalia tazartes, forced entry, shivers, cat in the brain, twins of evil, weasels ripped my flesh, lily green, ben reynolds, something weird, god told me to, devil in ms jones 2, killer nun, the trial, the killing of america, good against evil, little murders, a scanner darkly, joe, brides of dracula, journey into creation, the evil that men do, silent night bloody night, a & e biography - aileen wuornos, tenebrae, pat robertson, robert altaber, maury povich, les brown, the shout, whos afraid of virginia woolf, seizure, naked kiss, prodigal planet, hands of steel, children of god, the conet project, devils sword, laboratory of the devil, trauma, no end in sight, lost cannibal world, michio kaku, ennio morricone.