Cinema Terrorisme is an audio sigil using cut up methods and collage in order to distill the horror of modern existential malaise into substantiate energy mass. There is no moral value expressed in Cinema Terrorisme. Everything you hear has been alchemically remapped into a new order of relational aesthetics. Downloads are available for your personal evolution.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Cinema Terrorisme 37 Depolarized Effluvium Parsed in Composite Teleology Yet Underscoring Biocosmic Humus Netting

Samples included: greetings , piper's pit, foxfur,  career bed, supersonic man, the devil inside her, dust devil, arthur c clarke, bob harrington, the meat rack, the secret law of love, thoughts feelings and attraction, zoo, phase 4, lethal panther, bill mckibben, streetwalkin', deadbeat at dawn, rainier lericolais, screw on the screen, steve moore, the spook who sat by the door,  the devil's hand, andre ceccerelli, street trash, platoon leader, alfred schnittke, rock a bye bye baby, terrornauts,  demon soul, megan is missing, exorcism, chiller, the ruling class, don't be afraid of the dark, bloodsucking freaks, a cold night's death
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Friday, November 1, 2013

CT Radio Interview 11/2/13

Saturday Afternoon Show: Micah Moses and Cinema Terrorisme

Nov. 2, 2013: 4 p.m. – 6 p.m.
free103point9 Online Radio
Acra, NY
WGXC 90.7-FM: Hands-on Radio
90.7-FM and
Tune in to hear this show.
Wave Farm's Tom Roe interviews Micah Moses about his monthly WGXC program Cinema Terrorisme live from WGXC's Acra studio in the Wave Farm Study Center.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cinema Terrorisme 36: If the Shoe Fits Mutilate Wishful Thinking for a Regurgitatve Paradigm

Samples included: kk null, michael ruppert, the bunny game, vixen, franco bonfanti, thor vs hercules, windows, the cat girl, female chauvinists, pound, pandrogeny manifesto, l ron hubbard, unspeakable, secret life of jeffery dammer, plant bach ofnus, on the doll, gaston borreani, history of man, shriek of the mutilated, oldboy, sexual adventures of every kind, videodrome,  apocalypse, end of the road, lsd the beyond within, the day the earth froze, mutant hunt, simon, fear and desire,  bird with the crystal plumage, smoke and flesh, them, em, baron blood, magdalena, fred bongusto, out of the blue, stalin 3, delinquent school girls
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Friday, October 4, 2013

Cinema Terrorisme 35: The Gaping Maw of a Nightmare Reality without Restraint: I do Not Like it Samiam

samples included: thundercrack,  david rosenboom, alejandro jodorowsky and daniel pinchbeck, crawlspace, blue gold world water wars, for richer for poorer,fantacide, the naked kiss, unwilling lovers, welcome to blood city, journey to the earth's core, urotsukidoji, taste of the savage, exorcism, asmus tietchens, windows, horror hospital, w. cleon skousen, le orme, fallen angel, lieutenant caramel,  a & e biography aileen wuornos, the shout, colin potter, the comedy, barbed wire dolls, psych out, frankensteins bloody nightmare, pleasure zone, david icke, rodi, colossus, gianni ferrio, eckenkar spiritual seminal experience, i never promised you a rose garden, ampnoise, soft places, lily greenham, a & e biography andrei chikatilo, image of the beast, jean jacques robert & jean michel guise, darkroom, j.b. banffi, cindy and donna, erotic adventures of lolita, in search of the man who wouldn't die, night of the demon

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cinema Terrorisme 34: Baby Freakmeats meets the Genetically Modified Televangelist in the Macroversal Halls of Androgyny

Samples included: the diabolical dr. z, nightcrawlers, the hellstrom chronicle,  windows, forgive me for raping you, cannibal man, assassin, rodney alcala: the killing game, klaus kinski, angel dusted, zen master pohwa, cannibal ferox, taboo, orm, opera, frankenhooker,  pete peterson, goblin, vito acconci, snake pit, ennui morricone, troy mclachlan, the beast, split image, reflection of fear, jean pierre bouquet, night of the bloody apes, teenage twins, gianfranco reverseri, lizard in a womans skin, cafe flesh 2, inland empire, willard cantelon, astral decay, behind convent walls, horror hospital, meat rack, satan's children, janie, the conformist, beyond the black rainbow, le orme, chameleon

Friday, August 2, 2013

Cinema Terrorisme 33: Do What Thou Wilted Cabbage Patch Humphrey Spoiled Rotten by the Comedy of All Dead Things

samples included: abduction, colin potter, crawlspace, vapors, session 9, blinded by the light, jimmy nelson, breaking point, death weekend, HNAS, flavia the heretic, david jeremiah, love camp 7, frownland, untamed, dahmer, this is america 3, bruce ditmas, death and the maiden, the manson snyder interview, kangaroo kourt, shivers, il maschio ruspante, transhumanism - hidden history and agenda, camile sauvage, wheel of fortune, the devils rain, night of the zombies, richard kuklinski, madame O, skin flicks, night child, count dracula's great love, holocaust 2000, jerry springer, etat brut, seven deaths in a cats eye, exorcist 3, poke runyon, they live, rocky and bullwinkle

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cinema Terrorisme 32: Pieface Delivery System for a Bleak and Enchanted Biota Nimblelike and Burden of False Paternity

samples included:

olivier messiaen, water power, night stalker, jim roche, mary k. baxter, the gorgon, i never promised you a rose garden, the venus project,  dream no evil, mark meckler, jean-pierre bouquet, whirlpool, black emmanuel 2,  return of count yorga, dangerous seductress, judgement, the mafu cage, paul la violette, mercenary,  ilsa she wolf of the ss, the secret, space disco one, lesbo, conet project, blood castle, the balcony, hydration, initiation, star wars weapons, a & e biography john wayne gacy, cindy and donna, between time and timbuktu, phil schneider, long island cannibal massacre, the naked face, screaming mimi, table manners for entitled and privileged children, osho ashram in poona, house of the dead, return of the living dead 3, sleepaway camp, the undertaker, let the cosmos ring, perfume of the lady in black, sweet house of horrors, roger davy

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cinema Terrorisme 31: The Blingularity is Fear Chewy Dark Center of the Catastrophe du Jour and the Silent Party of the Tribe of Bald Apes

Samples included: eus, the masque of red death, a thief in the night, silent night bloody night, jesus camp, beneath the valley of the ultra vixens, rumpelstiltskin, rape, legacy of satan,  love camp, saaad, janie, murder in a blue world, fukushima radioactive contamination update, session 9, welcome to blood city, david jeremiah, spasm, women in cell block 9, duffer, yan tregger, day of the animals,  pat robertson, conquest of the planet of the apes, ben reynolds, silva mind control vs. christianity, hide and seek, death weekend, osho meditation camp, soylent green, john hagelin, ufo hunters, the loved one, daughters of lesbos, seizure, carnival of blood, obsession, goodbye uncle tom, superman, robert rutman, chuck norris, blood vengeance, the hills have eyes, w.cleon skousen, brainiac, the big knife
Download here

Friday, May 3, 2013

Cinema Terrorisme 30: Sleep Ye Reviled Parasites Beneath the Menstrual Moon Waxing Paraffin Fallacies Amidst Plastic Fetus Plantlife

samples included: invasion of the girl snatchers, am i normal, the world to come, the devils rain, the love prophet and the children of god, tell them johnny wadd was here, double exposure of holly, titicut follies, w.cleon skousen, tionchor, blood sabbath, god told me to, aidan baker, the devils hand,  ascension of the demonoids, the toy box, the worm eaters, vinyl, count dracula's great love, pamela's prayer, taboo 4, black christmas, sleepaway camp, don't be afraid of the dark, my strange addictions, reflections of evil,  in search of, criminally insane, supersonic man, the day the earth froze, delirium, cannibal ferox, mcdx3, jerry springer show, naked massacre, jere hutcheson, exposing satan's underground, insight, the laughing dead

Friday, April 5, 2013

Cinema Terrorisme 29: Daddy Artfag Makes the Turnaround In a High C Median and Fakes early 90s Dance Steps on a Mammary Gland

samples included: cathy's curse, sound cosmodel, cindy and donna, wrong way, h. tical, twins of evil, gianni ferrio, the ninth configuration, tomorrowland, double exposure of holly, black moon, america exposed, venus in furs, glenn back with pat robertson, camp fear, illuminati project, lobsang rampo, the morning after, hydra, the time travelers, the devils hand, zoo, bizarre, mondo bizarro, blood, satellite clouds, the party, mutant, the real life hannibal lecters, bye bye monkey, the great american snuff film, split image, jonathan bells, my bloody valentine, patchwork orchestra, malatesta's carnival of blood, deadbeat at dawn, c ptak, a reflection of fear, toolbox murders, giovanotti mondani, behind convent walls, magdalena, wham bam thank you spaceman, ilsa the wicked warden

Friday, March 1, 2013

Cinema Terrorisme 28 dark armies of marzipan mongoloids create body sculptures of a mushroom cloud resembling an inverted torus holy moldy

samples included: school play, barbara broadcast, jerry mengo, aswang, the secret life of jeffery dahmer, daughters of darkness, fluxion, revenge of the living dead girls, the sinful dwarf, beyond erotica, hypnotic secret of hermetic summoning, jennifer, rapist beware, william cooper, killer nun, dead of night, bye bye monkey, peter schiff, madhouse, jim french, james mason & bob larson, gianni ferrio, a reflection of fear, ghostly sounds, wild things, michael jacksons private home videos, house of whipcord, tirath singh nirmal, god's angry man, invisible boy, jean-michel lorgere, waltz of the bat, black devil doll from hell, deformation, kymatica, i spit on your grave, infra man, pat robertson, down and dirty

Friday, February 1, 2013

Cinema Terrorisme 27: Greed Springs Eternal in the Eyes of Boorish Teeth Are You Dreaming Frequent Weather?

samples included: the haters, vigilante, brave new world, gianni ferrio, camp fear, intervention, serge ramses, scanners, stephen wolfram, up, edge of doom, death bed, horror at 37,000 feet, million people march, the stendahl syndrome, the pit, a & g interview: a survivalist, language, the love merchant, nightmare, robby poitevin, this is america, vista valley pta, hans otte, bill moyers interviews wendell potter, lethal panther, the most dangerous game, the human centipede first segment, lady terminator, evil sister, inland empire, schoolgirl report 13, timothy leary 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Cinema Terrorisme 26 Blank Desolate Stares of an Eternities of Fugly Mummenshantz Panty Mimes

aidan baker, abducted,  mpd did trauma based mind control, vito acconci, while the city sleeps,  the hideous sun demon, hydravion, warren mintz, good against evil, the church, dr. druid's haunted seance, microscopic subway to oblivion, mel gibson,  arnandoi trivaioli, phenomena, snagglepuss, richard bunger, black emmanuelle, philippe blachard, man and computer, a girls guide to 21 century sex, the power of the witch, inga, jerry goldsmith, soylent green, invasion of the girl snatchers, empty shadows, what monsanto doesn't want you to know, mitt romney, alone in the dark, malamondo, sinful dwarf, weasels ripped my flesh, confessions of sex slaves, breaking point, maraschino cherry, sleepaway camp, jean-jacques robert & jean-michel guise, zpg, the love merchant, europa, witnesses of jehovah, wheel of fortune, the last cannibal world, big city orchestra, johan rockstrom, don't be afraid of the dark, sathya sai baba, the brood