Cinema Terrorisme is an audio sigil using cut up methods and collage in order to distill the horror of modern existential malaise into substantiate energy mass. There is no moral value expressed in Cinema Terrorisme. Everything you hear has been alchemically remapped into a new order of relational aesthetics. Downloads are available for your personal evolution.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Cinema Terrorisme 46: Brainscape of an Unremarkable Barbiecue There is No Difference Between the Non Living and the Dead

Samples included: brave new world, the occult-mysteries of the supernatural, olivier messiaen, syngenor, dawn portrait of a runaway, opening night, ilsa the wicked warden, the tower,  the devils hand, confessions of a sex slave, girl gang, the love prophet and the children of god, frownland, luciano berry, vampire junction, code of hunt,  bridging heaven and earth, teenage surfer girls, warren mints, supersonic man, black devil doll from hell, bloodsucking freaks, the late great planet earth, HAARP whistleblower, the cube, ravi shankar, crazed, streetwalking, marshall applewhite, eugenie de sade, 
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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Cinema Terrorisme 45: Cherry Blossom Doomsmoke Dissipating Magnetized Effluviam Death Hangs Over All

 samples included: mahagita thachinkan, deranged, basket case, stalin 3, somei sator,  don nicoloff, our lady of lust, tomorrowland, weirdos and oddballs, mauricio kagel, the incredible hulk, donald trump, the way to become a sensuous woman, the meat rack, resurrection, session 9, craig venter, the occult experience, petey wheatstraw, the devils rain, house of whipcord, invasion of the body snatchers, sleepaway camp, casual relations,demon soul paul dolden, humanzee, amazing transparent man, the mafu cage, a & e biography: david berkowitz, the molesters, the swimmer, nessus, fear and desire, pier piccioni, brion gysin,  barry truax, derrick jensen
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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Cinema Terrorisme 44: What Color is Godskin Wait Until the Sun Dissolves the Brainscape of All Eternity

samples included: man and computer, they live, bride of dracula, etienne cap, shocking asia, aftermath world without oil, v the hot one, lt caramel, justine, sic, doctor druid's haunted seance, long island cannibal massacre, venus in furs, ron paul, creating rem lazar, the night gallery, suspiria, the ecstasy girls, let the cosmos ring, patterns of time, kill baby kill, satan's black wedding, the velvet vampire, the abductors, big city orchestra, through the looking glass, mary k baxter, bizarre, the brood, bad dreams, amazing transparent man, john ankerberg, the embalmer, the shout, so young so bad, aileen wuornos, koji marutani
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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cinema Terrorisme 43: Too Many Chemicakes Bonded in Pyramid Formations Also Within Quantum Motherboards Doth He Speak

Samples included: the worm eaters, giancarlo toniutti, the venus project , blue collar, stepsisters, niscience, where the green ants dream, phase 4, terence mckenna, revenge in the house of usher, laure, the devils sword, secret life of jefferey dahmer, trauma,  ken wilber,  mercenary, two tons of turquoise to taos tonight, john wayne gacey, jeremy scahill, force of darkness, krylon hertz, ss experiment love camp, shocking dark, night walker, rupert sheldrake,  the gruesome twosome, porns most outrageous outtakes, babyface, count dracula's great love, bacchanal 70, enter the void, there's no tomorrow, the defiance of good, the naked face,  house of whipcord, taste of the savage, ennio morricone, mutant hunt, the chosen, hide and seek
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Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinema Terrorisme 42: Heartthrobs Over Genetic Maladies Cause the Moon to Swoon Over What Once to Pray For

Samples included: the curse of the alpha stone, gerhard ruhm, winter kills, janko nilovic, eyes behind the stars, cannibal holocaust, the digital messiah, zpg, the ruling class, the people, quick draw mcgraw, dynamite, 2 orphan vampires, end of the road, the anatomy of a pinup, coast to coast am, man and computer, between time and timbuktu, lilith, david borden, trilogy of terror, stepsisters, rise of the drones, the pit, the gladiators, odyssey, egisto macchi, the devils hand, pieces, the glorshon wars, the monster, resurrection, intimate lessons, dionysus, the fountainhead, the mafu cage, kaiser nietzsche, l ron hubbard, terror out of the sky, village of the damned, tortured females, night walker, star trek, smoker, bullwinkle, a touch of genie, loops inc, madame 0, obsession, 
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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cinema Terrorisme 41: Makeshift Dude Ranch in Opposite Differentials Exclaiming A Positronic Death Wish For All Mutantkind

Samples included: amjad ali khan, appropriate adult, ursula, seven deaths for scotland yard, fright, the comedy, winter kills, harun yahya, taste of the savage, the twilight zone, plus minus,    the lucifer complex, goblin, jane roberts, in search of ufo coverups, streetwalkin, waltz of the bat, sapphire and steel, ted turner and carl sagan, captain harlock, mike reining, roger roger, sleepaway camp, ivanka trump on conn obrien, jean jacques perry, mandingo, avoiding armageddon, our lady of lust, christine o donnell, they came from beyond space, windows, deathmaster, female chauvinists, lethal panther, the persuaders, eyes behind the stars

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Friday, February 28, 2014

Cinema Terrorisme 40: Exponential Brainrot Breeds Contempt Amongst the Class of Wishniks Moments Before the Orgy of the Crepes

samples included:
the curse of the living corpse, dr bizarro, claudio tallino, brides of dracula, phantom lady,  out of the blue, in satan, the trial, the devil's rain, who's afraid of virginia woolf,  mans search for happiness, reflections of fear, resolution, the hu song, daniela casa, titicut follies, bad timing, the tell tale heart,  return of the living dead 3, sleepwalker, jefferey dahmer trial, the banshee chapter, the embalmer, nightline, night of the demon, the colonels mandolin band, the atomic brain, skidoo, tom deweese, richard alpert, the spook who sat by the door, lily greenham, up, dream no evil, confessions of sex slaves, conspiracy, laboratory of the devil, godzilla raids again, colossus

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